WorldCup 2015 is fixed – WhatsApp

If the latest message that is going viral on WhatsApp is to be believed then 2015 ICC World Cup is fixed and chokers South Africa will finally win the title for the first time.

The message going viral on the messaging service says the World Cup 2015 matches are fixed and South Africa is going to win the tournament. The message lists the World Cup 2015 schedule and also lists the winners of the match.

As per the whatsapp message India, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa , Pakistan and Zimbabwe will qualify for the quarter final round of the ongoing tournament. India along with Australia, Sri Lanka and South Africa will reach the semi final with Australia and South Africa fighting for the title.

The final match of the World Cup 2015 will be played between Australia and South Africa. RSA will break their tradition of losing big tournament and become the winner of ICC World Cup 2015. The message also includes the results of all the matches of the World Cup, going to take place during February and March.

Here is the WhatsApp message content that went viral:

Worldcup 2015 is fixedWorld Cup 2015 fixed winners!

  • 14/2: NZ vs SL (NZ)
    Aus vs Eng (Aus)
  • 15/2: RSA vs Zim (RSA)
    Ind vs Pak (Ind)
  • 16/2: Ire vs WI (Ire)
  • 17/2: NZ vs Sco (NZ)
  • 18/2: Ban vs Afg (Ban)
  • 19/2: UAE vs Zim (Zim)
  • 20/2: Nz vs Eng (NZ)
  • 21/2: Pak vs WI (Pak)
    Aus vs Ban (Aus)
  • 22/2: Afg vs SL (SL)
    Ind vs Rsa (RSA)
  • 23/2: Eng vs Sco (Eng)
  • 24/2: WI vs Zim (WI)
  • 25/2: Ire vs UAE (Ire)
  • 26/2: Afg vs Sco (Afg)
    Ban vs Srl (Srl)
  • 27/2: RSA vs WI (RSA)
  • 28/2: NZ vs Aus (Nz)
    Ind vs UAE (Ind)
  • 1/3: Eng vs SL (Eng)
    Pak vs Zim (Pak)
  • 2/3: Ire vs RSA (RSA)
  • 4/3: Pak vs UAE (UAE)
    Aus vs Afg (Aus)
  • 5/3: Ban vs SCO (Ban)
  • 6/3: Ind vs WI (Ind)
  • 7/3: Pak vs RSA (RSA)
    Ire vs Zim (Zim)
  • 8/3: NZ vs Afg (NZ)
    Aus vs SL (Aus)
  • 9/3: Eng vs Ban (Eng)
  • 10/3: Ind vs Ire (Ind)
  • 11/3: SL vs SCO (SL)
  • 12/3: RSA vs UAE (RSA)
  • 13/3: NZ vs Ban (NZ)
    Afg vs Eng (Eng)
  • 14/3: Ind vs Zim (Zim)
    Aus vs Sco (Aus)
  • 15/3: Wi vs UAE (Wi)
    Ire vs Pak
  • QF 1: NZ vs Ind (Ind)
  • QF 2: Aus vs Zim (Aus)
  • QF 3: Eng vs RSA (RSA)
  • QF 4: SL vs Pak (SL)
  • SF 1: Aus vs Ind (Aus)
  • SF 2: SL vs RSA (RSA)
  • Final: Aus vs RSA (RSA)

The WhatsApp post which claims the World Cup is fixed, has gone viral. While nobody knows the authenticity of the post but users curiously check the match results with the prediction. There always has been reports that World Cup and other big tournaments are fixed in such a manner that interest of the Cricket lover remain till the last match. But it has never been proved.

Social media has always been the victim of such false messages and rumours including IFFA and FilmFare awards to be fixed which proved to be false at the end, we are at the wait and watch situation and if its true than will definately hurt the sentiment of gentlemens game cricket.

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