Harsha Bhogle – Answers all questions on crciket

So Much is happening in cricket in India and Abroad and Harsha Bhogle took it to the facebook to answer all the question of cricket fans.

Harsha answered the questions why Parthiv patel was brought back in the team and not anyone else.

Harsha Bhogle is one of those people who manages to say all the right things on most occassions. All the arguments in this live video just goes on to reinforce this point.

Harsha Bhosle answered all the questions and explained his logic behind different events happening in the world of cricket.

Here’s few of the questions asked by fans.

  • Sir India need a keeper after dhoni as dhoni will be unavailable after sometime..so who is it going to be the one after MS.
  • wouldn’t it have been a better choice to hand over the gloves to kl rahul in place of parthiv and select a more accompolished batsman in manish pandey or ambati raidu?
  • What do you think about the issue of ball-tampering in cricket, and what should be done to stop/control it? Should it be allowed?
  • How do u see veterans like yuvraj and gambir fight for a place in Indian team? Do u think that they have the capability of playing international cricket .
  • Hi sir, What do you think about Rishab pant ? Should he be included in squad considering his incredible form ?
  • Any reasons why Australian cricket is on the decline? What can Australia do to stop their decline in cricket?
  • Warner will be better than Smith for the captaincy role?
  • People also asked his view on the pitches till now- Rajkot and vizag ? What do u expect from the mohali pitch?
  • Once sachin said that if any Indian break his record he will be happy. Can┬ávirat break his 100centuries record ?
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